fashion jewelry accessories wholesale china Is it possible for FIL coins to be a carefully planned scam?

fashion jewelry accessories wholesale china

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  1. wholesale jewelry beads and stones FIL is the token of the IPFS interstellar file system. It has broken many records in the history of the blockchain and maintained a lot of uniqueness. The development prospects are huge, and many domestic giants are layout IPFS storage. I believe that everyone can see the news. The background of the project is not only faith, but you will find its uniqueness after you understand it
    It, and then talk about the scam. The project is a good project, but there are many illegal people who use it as CX, ZP's capital of capital, ZP's capital of the capital, ZP's capital of the capital, ZP's capital of the capital, and ZP's capital. After entering this pit, it is a scam. Therefore, investors have to polish their eyes to screen
    Per personal experience, welcome to supplement whether it is the basic judgment of the capital disk: 1. The recharge is to see the transfer or the USDT transfer. U buying a mining machine; 2. It is seen that the golden base (cash) or currency (currency) for you daily settings for you will generally adopt gold -based bits; 3. The company's establishment time, mining history, the shorter time, the greater the risk, the greater the risk ; The group of miners who started digging did not go online to sell them to customers, and they must not be paid according to their promises. This kind of integrity is problematic. Strong, it can be reflected in many aspects, the ZJ disk will weaken these concepts; 5. Promise to return to this cycle, promise the return rate of income, there are many variables in the mining industry. The regular company only does not make a promise, and the capital disk is the opposite.
    First of all, the conclusion, I personally think it is.
    recently Filecoin has been hot. On April 1st, it reached a high level of $ 237.9. The price fluctuations are relatively large. I believe many friends have made money. Of course, some friends have lost money. Whatever reason fry Filecoin, I don't know how much you know about Filecoin. Should it continue to hold it, I believe that many players in currency circle have a big question. Today, I will talk about Filecoin I know.

    . What is Filecoin.
    Filecoin is a decentralized distributed storage network, which is the only incentive layer of IPFS. It was released on October 15, 2020. First of all, foreign capital is traded. There are plans and goal to put information to the world with the goal, step by step, and batch a batch of leeks. The group of Wall Street was the earliest dealer of Filecoin. After cutting a wave of leeks, they threw the plate to countless domestic CX elites in China.
    has not been recommended to be currencies other than mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The anti -fragility is very low, the fluctuations are greater, and it is more likely to be manipulated. As for friends who want to earn this big fluctuation, high -risk money, I can only say, I wish you good luck.

    . The logic of making money by the small currency dealer.
    Filcoin's largest unit holds 52%, more than 1 billion of 2 billion pieces. First of all, Zhuang has three ways to make money:
    1. Cut leeks and repeatedly pull the plate.
    2. Earning money from miners, the currency value is high, the mining return cycle is short, attracting miners to buy high -priced mining machines.
    3. Make the market value bigger and throw it to the next home.
    In my opinion, Filecoin is mainly based on the second, supplemented by the first. Filecoin mainly does the business of the miner, and the main money earns a few money. Mining machines, cloud algament power, and mortgage coins. Based on this, the leek is cut off. The ideal situation is that the miners account for 70% of the total currency holding currency. Essence

    OK, say so much, remember a little, cut leeks back and forth, not a wave.
    The depression of capital chasing profits is not a carefully planned scam?

    Inned posts: At this time, the price of FIL is $ 75.57. Today is a small and medium -sized waterfall in the currency circle. Fil has a maximum decline of more than 18%.
    The wave of waves in March this year. The dealer behind it this time has made a full bargaining chip to evacuate the funds of the original cottage market in the currency circle. Then lay the funds to the entire mining industry, and then use the funds to use the funds to cooperate with the trend. Finally, it was drawn to the highest peak of 230 US dollars on the 4.1st, and then the funds were retreated. The funds returned to BTC, and the wave of Fil was completed in this way. The rest was that no one was protected. By 230 US dollars of retail investors.
    It now if you want to pull up, you must face the throwing of the chips. Now the retail investors only seek to solve the set and do not want to make money. In the case of a decline in this environment, pulling the plate will face huge throws. According to the gains and losses of interests, even if the dealer wants to do, it is impossible to rose rashly even if it abandoned the mining machine market.
    The is not useful to say how good others say. It is the key to rising currency prices. In the future, it is likely to become ELA in 2018, and the price has fallen from a minimum of $ 76 to 0.7 US dollars.
    This is still cautious about Fil.
    IPFS is the world's largest blockchain investment project. The only economic tokens -FIL coin. In 2017, it broke the record at the fastest speed in the world. The highest record of blockchain industry financing!
    The eight investment teams in Wall Street, USA!
    1. Sequoia Capital has created countless investment myths, such as Apple, Google, etc. in the United States, Chinese, Alibaba, etc., all have Sequoia.
    2. YC incubator is one of the most successful entrepreneurial incubators in the United States, and its achievements are obvious to all.
    3. Stanford University. There is no need to say anything in the school, everyone knows. The alma mater of the founder Huanbenete. There are also Venclavos Brothers Fund, DCG Investment Group, Creator Club, United Plaza, some independent investors, and so on. IPFS has been widely used and has been strategically cooperated by large enterprises at home and abroad. There are Microsoft, BMW, and Canadian government abroad. There are IPFS construction with a total investment of over 400 million yuan in Huawei, Ali, and in China, and IPFS wireless clouds. This distributed storage technology has been recognized by major enterprises. In the future, in the future It will be launched one after another to make IPFS a corporate standard. Therefore, FIL currency beyond Bitcoin is indeed only a matter of time. [Picture] Now, let's analyze why FIL currency can be compared with Bitcoin:
    1. IPFS

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