drag queen costume jewelry wholesale How to play CS1.6? Intersection

drag queen costume jewelry wholesale

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  1. american jewelry wholesale Now I am still playing CS, and Sao Nian is very eye -catching. Essence The string you mentioned is the IP address and port number (if it is, call out the console “~”, enter the connect space the IP address and port number you see) Enter. Essence Most servers on the Internet require your version to be a pure version. I usually play on the Douke CS battle platform. The platform and CS version can be found on the official website of the Douye.
    If you play with your friends, you can play BOT in the LAN (need to be in the same network) or network platform. I wish you not lost, persist!

  2. cheap wholesale 14k gold jewelry Hello
    The interface you see is the login device
    Net needs to be downloaded
    The login device can download
    accounts to store the channel virtual currency, virtual currency can be purchased immediately arms

  3. sterling silver jewelry wholesale prices There are three ways of CS online. The premise is that the version is consistent.
    The first, shared routers, using the same router, such as in an Internet cafe, as long as one person is directly creating a new game, and the other person can search in the local area network.
    The second type, using platforms, such as QQ battle platform, Haofang and the like. The same, one person builds a room, and the other person searches directly on the local area network
    Press the ~ key below ESC, enter: “Connect IP address” Enter, you can go in.

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