christian costume jewelry wholesale How can decorations make women more fashionable?

christian costume jewelry wholesale

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  1. wholesale jewelry boxes houston First, choose the skin color
    not only when choosing lipstick and clothes, you need to consider the impact of your skin color. Do n’t forget the effects of your skin color when you choose your own skin tone in different jewelry types. Different skin tone, such as yellow skin, white skin, and black skin, there are great differences. When decorated, pay attention to the types and lightning areas suitable for different skin tones.
    1, white skin tone. The so -called white covering and ugly, white skin tone can be said to be the envy of girls. After all, the skin is very good -looking, and there will be less color limit when choosing jewelry. The color tone is good, because the skin is white, the cold -colored jewelry is too weak, so it is not suitable, the others can try it with confidence.
    2, yellowish skin color. Yellow skin color This is the most common skin color of Asians. If this skin tone is in a bad state, the whole person will look more beautiful, so it will be more suitable for cold tones when choosing jewelry. It can be very good to neutralize skin tone, and it will also make the whole person look more energetic.
    3, black skin color. Skin with black skin color like wheat color looks super sexy and healthy, but because the skin is darker, when choosing jewelry, you should avoid the color with too high color saturation. The color will be more suitable, and it can also highlight your charm.
    S selection suggestion: You can test it before selecting the jewelry, which one of your skin tone is to determine the color that you are suitable for, which will be easier to choose the jewelry that suits you. After all The effect of skin tone will be very different.
    . Select according to the face shape
    The jewelry as accessories. The most important thing is the decorative effect. Different face shapes will have a big difference even if we wear the same accessory effect. Therefore, it is also important to find suitable accessories according to your face shape. The most representative is round faces, long faces and square faces.
    1, round face. The round face is generally fleshy on the face, very cute. It is precisely because the round face is more fleshy, and the face lines with relatively general faces are softer and have no aggressive. Therefore, when choosing the jewelry, you should avoid the lines that are too soft. Choose some of the more edge -sized ones, and the effect will be better.
    2, long face. For a relatively ordinary face shape, the face is slightly longer, so you should avoid choosing medium -length accessories when choosing jewelry. The medium -length jewelry is vertically extended, which will highlight the face length. So it will be more suitable for jewelry that is more designed, extended horizontally.
    3, square face. The lines of the square face will be tough, which will make the whole heat look more just. Therefore, when choosing the jewelry, you should avoid the outline that is too sharp, and that jewelry will appear particularly uncoordinated. Relatively speaking, the more soft contours can better highlight your feminine charm.
    S selection suggestion: No matter what is suitable for you, it is the best, so when choosing jewelry, especially when choosing earrings and necklaces, you should choose according to your face shape. The different characteristics of the face will directly affect your wearing effect. Only by choosing according to your face can you find the one that suits you.
    . Choose according to the shape
    . When choosing the jewelry, many people easily ignore the effect of the body on the decoration. In fact, this is very important! There is a big difference between different styles of styles. The effect of the same accessories is also very different. For example, the thin body shape and the rich body shape are completely different.
    1, thin body. The relatively thin body, visually sensible, also makes people feel a sense of weakness. Therefore, when choosing jewelry, no matter which type of jewelry, it should pursue exquisite and beautiful. The exquisite and small jewelry is the most suitable for women in this shape. If you have a sense of design, you will have a sense of disobedience.
    2, well -proportioned body. The shapely figure can be said to be the dream of every woman, but it is difficult to achieve. This figure is really enviable. So when choosing jewelry, there is not so much to pay attention to. Just pay attention to the effect of skin tone, face shape and clothing.
    3, plump body. The plump body is completely the opposite of a relatively thin body. This figure is not suitable for too delicate and small jewelry. It will feel like a small family, which is very uncoordinated with the overall temperament. So when choosing accessories, you can try some jewelry with more design and overall style.
    S selection suggestion: Choosing jewelry is actually similar to choosing clothes. Different types of shapes wear the same accessories will also be very different, so you must come to your own shape when choosing the jewelry. In this way, it is easier to find the jewelry that is suitable for you to play a better matching effect.

  2. wholesale jewelry gallup nm You who are dressed on weekdays, I believe that you must collect a lot of fashion jewelry that has your own heart, in order to prepare different occasions and needs. However, due to the changes in the style of clothing, many times they really do not rely on one or two versatile accessories to go to the world. They know how to choose and wear the right jewelry based on clothing to effectively light up the overall shape. If you want to be a fashionable girl, you must learn the following three secrets of jewelry!
    1. Recognize your skin color tone
    Whenever you mention the skin tone, many people naturally think of the two colors of fairness and darkness. But the real muscle color actually refers to the color of the muscles buried under the human skin.
    If you stand in the sun, the venous blood vessels of your wrist are blue or purple, which means that your skin is cold -colored; but if your blood vessels are green or olive, you belong to the warm color tone Essence According to this vascular test experiment, people with cold tones are suitable for wearing silver or platinum accessories, and warm -colored people wearing gold -colored jewelry will be relatively beautiful. Fortunately, if your blood vessels are blue -green, it means that any color jewelry will be suitable for you!
    2. Analyze the style of clothing and color elements
    defining your style of wearing clothing is an important key to select jewelry! What kind of shape should be matched with the corresponding style of accessories in order to create a complementary matching effect. For example, when you wear a serious Swen, a pair of low -key and exquisite single -grain diamond earrings can create a noble temperament for you; and when you want to attend a dinner, wearing a solid color dress, wearing a design exaggerated design exaggerated design The hanging earrings or enclosure necklaces are also available.
    In addition, the color matching of clothes and jewelry cannot be ignored. We can refer to the color of the color sheet, with the jewelry of the same color as the clothes to improve the overallness of the shape, or choose a contrasting color (the color on the turn on the turntable) to increase the sense of fun. However, it should be noted that try not to match more than three colors of jewelry, or wear two kinds of warm and warm colors of gold and silver at the same time, otherwise it will only make the shape too clever and clumsy.
    3. The proportion of decomposition of clothing and jewelry
    Is when you clearly understand your muscle and clothing style, you must consider the proportion of the collar and jewelry of the clothing.
    Is when wearing a low and tight -fitting neckline, it is suitable to wear necklaces as embellishment. The exaggerated style is not afraid of it. When the neckline is round and loose, you can wear a long necklace to balance the proportion of clothing; while the neckline is higher or obliquely cut clothing, it can be equipped with earrings to eliminate the neck lines, which will show a more elegant temperament.

  3. custom jewelry pieces wholesale Knowing how to dress can make women's face value up one grade. There is a saying that "people rely on clothes and beautiful clothes ..."
    If women want to make themselves fashionable and beautiful, they need to decorate their own image to improve themselves to add their face value to themselves. So how to dress up more fashionable? This involves some of your makeup techniques and the modification matching in terms of dressing and you use some cosmetics, clothing, clothing and decorations, ~
    First of all, in order to make women more fashionable, you need to according to your own situation according to your own situation Tailor -made and tailor -made. If a girl is tall, we can choose to wear skirts and wear some jewelry, such as ~ pursuing trendy and fashionable earrings and some hanging accessories. The so -called wearing gold and silver can make women look more noble and elegant. Wearing the most popular earrings this year can make you more temperament or wearing jade bracelets to enhance your elegant style and emit the quiet quietness, so women can according to their own situation according to their own situation. Choosing jewelry matching can make yourself more fashionable.

  4. archery jewelry wholesale 1. Goose egg type
    is an oval face. Customers who flicker this face can be selected from the wide range of viewing, but the choice of jewelry should be moderate. For those who stay long, wearing a ruby ​​ring will give people a charming and soft sense. The short hair with small emerald ear inserts will look very elegant.
    2, melon seed face
    This is characterized by the upper (or round) cutting or forehead tip of the forehead, and the matte jewelry is worn. For such customers, wearing large ear -shaped ear inserts or simplified rings; the recommendation necklace should focus on the thin and short styles for it to increase the width of the jaw to avoid the feeling of being stretched by the face.
    3, rectangular face
    The character is characterized by the upper and lower parts, so the wearing accessories should be appropriately increased to the width of the horizontal and middle line of the face. For customers with this kind of face shape, they can recommend their selection of large and glorious inlaid inlaid with jewelry ears or short and non -falling round earrings to make the ears larger and the face appears wider; it is not advisable to wear slender slenderness; The necklace to avoid forming a large triangle face, but the short necklace should be selected. Women with rectangular faces are best to bring bag ear -type earrings and styling necklaces. Do not add pendants, such as emerald necklaces and pearl necklaces that are not lower than collarbone.
    4, square face
    Choose some arc -shaped earrings that are vertically long than horizontally to play a role in stretching the visual effects, such as: leaf -shaped, crescent suspension earrings ; Some V -shaped lines shot on the chest to extend the lower space of the face. It is not suitable for the geometric patterns and earrings of the inner corner of the rough necklace and the inner angle to minimize the horizontal sense as much as possible; it is not advisable to recommend circular and square earrings for it, because the round and square are side by side. Fang, round and round, so it is not suitable.
    5, round face
    The principle of this face shape with jewelry is to make the cheeks narrowed as much as possible, extend up and down, and choose to wear some slender necklaces, such as wearing a V -shaped necklace. If it is a female customer, it is suitable for drooping but not too large earrings and necklaces pendants, but it is not suitable for thick circular necklaces. Instead, the thick long necklace should be selected. In addition, it is not advisable to take a circular earrings, because the small circle of the earrings is combined with the large circle of the face, which will strengthen the signal of the "round"; you should not choose too large when choosing earrings.
    6, triangular face
    The face shape is more difficult to dress up. The general principle is to increase the width of the upper face. You should choose a thick short necklace and wear a chain pendant. The necklace should be short or long, and it should be thick or fine, because the long necklace can extend the effect of the lower jaw to make it change. When recommending the ear ornaments for it, you should choose a smaller one without choosing a large one.

  5. lead nickel free jewelry wholesale Choosing a platinum diamond ring will make women more fashionable. The necklace should be a pearl necklace, which adds temperament scores to women. Such as Ms. Lin Zhengyue. Earrings should also wear platinum earrings. It can be imagined that such accessories must make women solemn and noble.

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