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  1. jewelry drop ship wholesalers Yellow has always been a symbol of royal power and represents noble. So the yellow emerald is liked by the unique color of the color, so what is the meaning of the yellow jade now? Let ’s introduce the meaning of Huang Fei with the editor.
    The glutinous ice species yellow jade bracelet
    Emerald yellow jade
    yellow jade is located on the red emerald, which is closer to the epidermis. Most yellow emerald is muddy and impure, often brown with brown, not enough yang or transparent. Usually the yellow emerald's natural high -quality yellow jade, which is a dark red or bright red tone, is also called "golden jade". It is orange or honey, crystal clear, fresh and uniform. Huang Emerald bracelets in the emerald jewelry are a vitality army in the middle and high -end emerald jewelry. However, if consumers see yellow emerald bracelets with bright colors and quite transparentness in the market, they need to seriously identify whether they are artificial processing, because pure natural yellow jade is valuable even within the jewelry industry. Jewelry is a jewelry, and more of a culture is carried. Under the influence of the family, there are more than ten years of collection of cultural collection. There are also some collections. Some of them have fakes, but he knows why he knows why, enter ZMZM, and then 600. Remember to enter together. Free appraisal Jewelry and jade for free. The top grade, when you add him, said that it was introduced by a friend, you can learn from him.
    The glutinous ice species with yellow emerald zen Wuxiang plug
    yellow emerald means
    The yellow yellow color symbolizes brilliant brilliance, often honey yellow or brown. Yellow represents power and wealth. It is a proud color. People with yellow emeralds are filled with light and happiness, showing wisdom and gentleness. If it can be settled with purple or black, the bright strength will show a kind of expansion and hope. However, it is not suitable to match with white or pink, and it will lack anger and appear bland.
    In Western people's view, Huang Fei can be worn as a amulet, which can dispel evil spirits, make people eliminate sorrow, and enhance confidence. Polytic wine with topaz can treat asthma, insomnia, burns, and bleeding. China has a long history of Huang Fei's understanding and use. In ancient times, yellow was the exclusive of the emperor and represents the supreme right of high, so people love yellow because it is a symbol of wealth. Myanmar Huang Jie is a charming, beautiful and cheap mid -range gem, which is loved by consumers.

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