925 wholesale silver jewelry Croxin ring 1995/01925 What price is now

925 wholesale silver jewelry

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  1. sterling silver jewelry bali wholesale "Platinum" has two possibilities, one is white gold, that is, a alloy of gold and other metals. There are 18K gold (ordinary yellow K gold), white 18K gold (that is, white K gold) on the market. ), Rose Gold (pink 18K gold), 14K gold, etc., 18K gold is a alloy with a gold with a amount of 75%, 14K gold is a 67%alloy with gold, and the price of 18K gold (no matter what color) It is usually around 90 ~ 110 yuan/gram. About one ring will take about 3 ~ 4 grams. Then, it is because the error reading of platinum (PT) into "platinum" is also a habit. In platinum, there are four varieties of PT850, PT900, PT950, and PT990. The content is 99%, the others are 85%, 90%, and 95%, respectively. There is about 800 ~ 1,000 yuan if it is too small) to be about 800 ~ 1,000 yuan. Seeing your needs, you can calculate it yourself. 18K is white gold. Generally, according to different processes, different prices range from 200 to two thousand, and ordinary rings can be bought at 3-400. The price of diamonds is much higher. Generally, the cheapest PT is above 1500, diamonds are small, and the price of 18K is also more than 7-8 hundred. If it is a Valentine's Day, you can buy a ring. You can choose PT or 18K according to the situation. You can choose a smaller beautiful and exquisite ones, 1.5 ~ 2.5 grams.

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