Which university in Beijing is about jewelry design, jewelry appraisal, and graduate majors in jewelry marketing?

I want to take the postgraduate entrance examination, but it is not very good for the cultural courses and professional courses of art majors. I want to take a professional graduate student about design or jewelry. Which university in Beijing has this department? Which major or university is better? What do I need to take?

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  1. 1. Beijing Jewelry Jewelry Training College
    Jewelry appraisal major
    jewelry design and production major
    sculpture art major
    jewelry business major
    jewelry model majors
    Jewelry International Trade
    Ancient jade and Jianbao majors

    2. China University of Geosciences -Jewelry College
    R N Gemstology

    3. Beijing National University -Jewelry College
    Jewelry business system:
    jewelry commerce n gold stone culture
    gemstone identification
    Jewelry Planning
    Jewelry and jewelry:
    Jewelry jewelry design
    jewelry decoration model
    jewelry process production
    jewelry art collection
    n4. Beijing Urban Academy
    Gem identification and evaluation (jewelry appraisers)

    5. Beijing Economic Management Cadre College
    Tea jade identification and processing technology (marketing direction) Marketing)

    6. Beijing Commercial School
    Resource category
    This appraisal and processing major

    7. Beijing Huangpu University
    Jewelry jewelry design

    8. Tongji University Shanghai North Campus -Application Art Design Major
    Jewelry technology and technology

    (computer jewelry design, precious metal jewelry production, treasure jade trading, treasure jade identification)

    10. Shanghai Jianqiao College -Art Design Department
    R n
    11. Shanghai Academy of Arts and Crafts
    Jewelry design

    It jewelry processing and business major

    14. Business School
    Marketing (jewelry identification and marketing)

    16. With business

    17. Henan University of Technology High Vocational College
    This appraisal and processing technology

    18. Machining Technology Major

    19. Craft and appraisal direction)

    21. Crafts

    23. Wuhan Vocational and Technical College
    Jewelry jewelry design and production direction

    24. Panyu Vocational and Technical College
    Jewelry major
    n25. Shenzhen University
    Jewelry and jade design and appreciation

    26. Jinling Institute of Technology Jewelry Academy

    27. n
    28. R n30. Chongqing City Management Vocational College
    Marketing and marketing (jewelry marketing direction)

    31. Shanxi Tourism Vocational College
    n32. Shaanxi International Business Institute -Jewelry Department
    Jewelry jewelry process and appraisal major
    Jewelry jewelry marketing and business majors
    Jewelry jewelry processing and marketing major

    33. Guilin Institute of Industry
    gems and material technology majors

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