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  1. 1. Guilin fermented bean curd

    is one of the "three treasures" of Guilin. Guilin fermented bean curd has a set of special production methods: select high-quality soybeans to make hard tofu, squeeze the water to make an inch square block, and then put it into the mold cabinet to mold. When yellow and white hyphae (moldy hairs) grow on the 6 sides of the green block, namely, mix Sanhua wine, salt and other spices, put them in the jar or pot for curing, pour rice wine into the green block 1 to 2 days later to soak all the green blocks, and seal them in a cool and dry place for 4 to 6 months. The finished fermented bean curd is a small piece of more than an inch square with a thickness of about 6 minutes. The surface is gelatinous and transparent, the color is yellow and cool, and the fragrance is striking. There are a variety of eating methods. Guilin people eat porridge and steamed bread, and use it directly for meals. Most of them are seasonings, such as cold bean curd, vermicelli, spring sprouts, steamed duck, braised mutton (dog meat), Lipu Taro and so on, which are matched with Guilin fermented bean curd. They are the famous flavor dishes of Guilin. Because of its unique and beautiful color, fragrance, taste and shape, it is a local specialty of Guilin that tourists like to buy most

    2. Lipu Taro

    Lipu Taro is known as the "king of taro". It originally belonged to areca taro. It is famous for its rich production in Lipu, so it is called Lipu Taro. It is a famous specialty in Guangxi. Lipu County is the origin of Lipu Taro cultivation with a long history. According to written records, it began in the 48th year of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty and has a history of more than 340 years. According to the Lipu annals in the 3rd year of the Republic of China, "the old annals say that there are as many as ten kilograms, but there is no such thing today. But the best one is the one made in front of the Guandi temple outside the city. When dissected, the betel nut pattern is now known as betel nut taro." "The grain is brown and dense, the powder is loose but not sticky, the gas is fragrant, there are transplanters in other places, the shape is just like the ear, and there is no grain, so it is called as the hammer taro". Among the people of Lipu, there are many beautiful legends about Lipu Taro: during the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, there was no rain in Lipu for a long time, the farmland was cracked, the grain was not harvested, the farmers had no food to feed their hunger, and they had to pay taxes to the government, so complaints were heard. The grievance reached the ears of a taro fairy, who lived in the Pangu mountain in the middle reaches of the Minjiang River in Fujian Province. He had white hair and a childlike face. After hearing the news, he came to Lipu and sowed taro seeds in the fertile soil at the foot of the Guandi temple in the county (near the three small schools in Licheng county). This year, the taro harvest was abundant, and the hungry people used taro as food to spend the famine years. Since then, Lipu Taro has gradually become a specialty of Lipu people. Lipu Taro belongs to Araceae, also known as Kui taro and betel nut taro. It was originally a wild taro. It is an excellent variety formed through long-term natural selection and artificial breeding of wild taro. It has been artificially cultivated in Lipu County for 400 years

  2. There are many famous local specialties in Guilin, mainly including Guilin specialty fruits, Guilin specialty snacks, Guilin tea, Guilin National ornaments, Guilin handicrafts, and of course, the "three treasures of Guilin", which are famous specialties in Guilin
    Guilin Sanbao
    osmanthus wine: with a long history of brewing, there are two kinds of osmanthus wine: Guilin brand and Wugang brand. Regular drinking can strengthen the spleen and stomach, help digestion, promote blood circulation and replenish qi. When shaking the wine bottle, only Guilin Sanhua wine will shine like pearls on the liquid surface of the wine. When it is put into the jar, it will pile flowers. When it is put into the bottle, it will pile flowers. Therefore, it is also known as "Sanhua wine"
    Guilin tofu milk: the process is exquisite and rigorous. There is a set of processes from grinding, filtration to shaping, drying and mold. The selection of materials is also exquisite. The produced tofu milk is small, smooth and soft in texture, orange yellow and transparent on the surface, fresh and delicious in flavor, and rich in nutrition
    Guilin chili sauce: the varieties are different due to different ingredients. Guilin chili sauce is moist, hot, mellow and delicious. It can be used as food accompaniment and seasoning. Guilin chili sauce is moist, hot, mellow and delicious. It can not only be used for food and flavor, but also for seasoning.

  3. Guilin is famous not only for its mountains and rivers, but also for its rice noodles, which are round, smooth, flexible and have a unique flavor. Round rice flour, flake rice flour, commonly known as rice flour, is characterized by white, delicate, soft, smooth and refreshing. Its eating methods are various. Some people will say that there is nothing to buy chili sauce. It is found everywhere in China, but really many people will bring a bottle of chili sauce back after they come to Guilin. Because there are three treasures in Guilin. In addition to fermented bean curd and Sanhua wine, it is this chili sauce. According to the different ingredients, there are garlic paste and Douchi sauce. It tastes fresh and spicy. You can buy it as a seasoning or eat it directly. Fermented bean curd is one of the three treasures of Guilin. In fact, you can know how much Guilin people like fermented bean curd after a few meals in Guilin restaurants. It's true that fermented bean curd is put in all kinds of dishes, but it won't make you feel strange. Generally, the fermented bean curd tastes sweet. The fermented bean curd in Guilin is sweet and spicy. It may be because of this spicy flavor that it has a place in all kinds of Guilin cuisine and become a relic.

  4. Yongfu Luohanguo: Guangxi's top ten characteristic products. Guangxi's unique geographical environment and favorable climatic conditions are suitable for the growth of Momordica grosvenorii. Luohanguo is a better medicinal material. Yongfu Luohanguo is very famous and has even become a landmark product in Guangxi
    Guilin chili sauce: it is one of the specialties of Guilin, Guangxi, and has a history of 100 years. Guilin chili sauce has been rated as a high-quality product in Guilin for many times. And even sell well in Southeast Asia and other countries. Guilin chilli sauce has different ingredients and different flavors, such as Douchi garlic chilli sauce and garlic chilli sauce.

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