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  1. How much do you know about DIY personality gifts? Perhaps we all stay at the level of making gifts by ourselves. With the development of economy and technology, more and more printing machines provide DIY personalized gift printing for everyone. Each product can be printed or engraved to customize the design and text you want on the surface of the product. This is the most popular DIY product now. As long as you design the design drawings yourself, you can print them. There is nothing you can't think of, only you can't do
    DIY personalized gift stationery
    , which is one of the major categories, can be specifically divided into DIY personalized cups, DIY personalized crystals, DIY personalized computer accessories, DIY personalized stationery and so on. The most DIY customized products we have seen are crystals and cups. Give you a cup and love you all your life. This is the charm of DIY personalized cups. These can be printed with your patterns and words. In this way, it looks different. It is no longer an ordinary gift, but a memory full of love and more memorable. In addition to creativity, it is also very practical. Let DIY personalized gifts play your personal charm and enjoy your personal life
    DIY personalized household goods, choose a personalized gift for yourself, which is a very simple and rich choice. It can also be divided into personalized customized furniture, DIY personalized home storage, DIY personalized home decoration, and DIY personalized daily necessities. This is for household goods, which is very suitable for the layout of the whole home. Have you ever thought that the wall clock hanging on your wall has its own memories? Even the storage stool can see the photos of our family. What a happy feeling. Customize DIY personalized household products to create a different life home
    finally, there are more DIY personalized gifts, personalized clothing bags, personalized photo frame paintings, personalized photo album calendars, and personalized books. These can also be DIY, but they all need to be verified by different machines. For example, the cup baking machine is used for cups, while the hat needs to be specially printed, the flat hot stamping machine is used for clothing, and the badge printing machine is required for badges. Different product types require different machines. There are more printing skills in it.

  2. The main categories of DIY personalized gifts: household furniture, electronic products, clothing accessories, jewelry and so on
    DIY is the abbreviation of do it yourself in English, which translates directly to "do it yourself", and the expanded meaning is to do it yourself
    DIY was originally a verb phrase, often used as an adjective, meaning "self-help". After the formation of the concept of DIY, a peripheral industry related to DIY gradually emerged, and more and more people began to think about how to integrate DIY into life
    what is the DIY spirit? In fact, it is so simple, but it needs to be understood with heart
    originally, there was no need to emphasize the word DIY, because there were people in the world, and people began to DIY. What is not DIY? However, due to the development of human civilization and the specialization of social division of labor, people have become less and less DIY. Therefore, as soon as this word is popular, lengbuding has become a fashion. In ancient times, DIY spirit was called "one person works and one person acts". In the era of parents, it was also called "self-reliance". Anyway, the meaning is almost the same. It means to solve it by yourself.

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