1 thought on “The difference between 18K gold and rose gold”

  1. 1. Different ingredients, 18K gold and rose gold are combined by 75%gold and 25%of other metals, but 25%of other metals in rose gold are mainly copper, silver or zinc; and 25%of 18K gold are 25%. Other metals include platinum, nickel, silver, gold, copper and other metals.

    2, the color is different, the rose gold is rose, and the color is relatively single. The color of 18K gold is relatively rich, and it can show a variety of colors such as white, black, blue, red, yellow.
    3, different hardness, 25%of other metal ingredients in 18K gold are more complicated. Its hardness and toughness are better than rose gold, and the accessories made are not prone to deformation and wear.

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