How can I sell it?

I picked up a diamond ring a year ago. Recently, I wanted to sell it at hand and did not receive it. Fo Yangzi did not accept the invoice or the receipt. Is there any detailed ones?

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  1. Picking valuable items cannot be sold privately, and it will violate the law.
    The law on the law, which is called the crime of embezzlement, refers to the purpose of illegal possession, and the property, forgotten or buried objects that others are kept. Behavior.
    If in accordance with the provisions of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China:
    The provisions of Article 270: "The other person's property and objects that will be kept illegally occupied by themselves, the amount is large, and the refusal will be refunded. The following sentences, detention or fines; huge amounts or other serious circumstances.
    The two years of imprisonment for two years and five years, and fined. Big, if you refuse to hand in, punish in accordance with the provisions of the previous paragraph. The crime of this article is told to deal with it. "
    extension information
    When you go to items, you should notify the right holder (owner) to receive it in time; if the right holder cannot be found, it may be handed over to the relevant departments such as public security.
    2. If the right holder fails to negotiate with the obtained person, the owner can file a lawsuit with the people's court.
    3. Picking up gold is not ambiguous. It is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Picking up items will not be returned. It will not only be condemned morally, but also bear civil liability.
    If in accordance with the "Law of the People's Republic of China":
    Article 109: "If you get lost, you should return the right holder. R n Article 111: "Before the loss of people was sent to the relevant departments, the relevant departments should properly keep the lost objects before the loss of the object. Responsibilities. "
    The criminal liability
    1. After the request of the right holder, it still does not refund it or is suspected of embezzlement.
    2. The constituent elements of the crime of invasion, the subjective manifestation is direct intention, and has the purpose of illegally possessing the property of others; I have a large amount (the standard of judicial interpretation is 10,000, and the standard of 5,000 cases in some localities) is refused to pay back.
    3. The crime of embezzlement is a self -prosecution case. The self -prosecutor needs to collect evidence by himself, and then filed a criminal self -prosecution resolution to the people's court.

  2. Are you sure the diamond ring you picked up is true?
    is still fake. Essence
    If it is not clear, it is recommended that you go to the store to take a look at the professional people
    hung on Taobao, and you may sell it on the Internet.
    or if there are friends around you need to sell them to them

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