wholesale sterling silver and gemstone jewelry How to operate virtual operators

wholesale sterling silver and gemstone jewelry

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  1. wholesale jewelry outlets First, the discussion of virtual operators is in full swing, but virtual operators are facing real development issues. The author believes that combining the operation of virtual operators outside the country, the development of virtual operators can be summarized as sixteen characters: "Industry -based, strategic momentum, integration into soul, innovation as a device."

    industry industry

    If industry -based, that is, finding positioning based on its own industry and telecommunications industry. Whether it is an Internet company, channel enterprise or a telecommunications value -added service provider, the development of virtual operators must be based on its own industrial positioning and the development rhythm of the telecommunications industry. The telecommunications industry's 4G license has just been issued, and the new round of construction and publicity have been launched. Virtual operators have better resource integration advantages than basic operators. They can take this opportunity or help cooperative operators to expand 4G results, or deeply cultivate niche markets. Build a small and beautiful MVPN.

    This strategy is potential

    The strategy is to clarify its own development strategy. In the early stage, it is not based on sales performance. Virtual operators should use virtual operations as auxiliary business to increase overall sales revenue and increase their own business scale. After the market operates, the market can increase the strategic position of virtual operations as appropriate. Success is a virtual operator who can bear loneliness. From the perspective of the average market share of foreign virtual operators, most of them do not exceed 5%and only 15%, and general virtual operators usually need 4 to 6 years to recover to recover. Investment and gradually achieve profitability. For example, the world's first and largest mobile virtual operator Virgin Mobile. It is a virtual operator that belongs to both brands and customers. It has been operating telecommunications business since 2000. Three years later Profit) Turn right. Therefore, virtual operators need to recognize the situation and prepare for a long -term war. It is reported that 11 virtual operators who have obtained licenses have obtained a 40 % discount from telecommunications and Unicom. Virtual operators have a low bargaining ability, and under the current status of the market in the market, they want to get the basic telecommunications business in the short term. Big returns are difficult.

    In addition to its own strategy, we also need to consider the strategy of basic telecommunications operators. The development strategy of virtual operators' telecommunications business cannot be contrary to the strategy of basic telecommunications operators. Especially in the early days of operation, the dominant power is in the hands of the three major basic operators, and virtual operators need to support their support for the development of telecommunications business. Therefore, the first thing that virtual operators must do to understand the long -term goals, strategic tactics of basic operators, and start with which favorable resources and income can be provided for basic operators. The purpose of getting the maximum support from them to form complementarity To maximize the income of cooperation.

    The fusion is soul

    The fusion into soul, the mobile communication business will be developed in collaboration with the main business to achieve the integration of the vertical and horizontal integrated resources of the industry. The differentiated advantages of virtual operators and basic telecommunications operators and other virtual operators have accumulated in the field of non -telecommunications. Therefore, virtual operators must use this advantage to integrate mobile communication business with the main business, reduce the main business and telecommunications and telecommunications Business marketing costs, increasing users' loyalty and increasing overall sales revenue, this is an effective way to achieve success. Taking Virgin Mobile as an example, Virgin Group integrates its mobile communications business with other businesses under the group and achieve cross -selling. DVD and video tape. In the Virgin Group, mobile phones are not only a tool for calling, but also Virgin Group with a carrier of comprehensive services to customers. Through such different brands of collaboration and promotion, it can not only increase income, but also increase customer viscosity.

    The innovation is

    innovation as an instrument, that is, use innovation to achieve differentiated operations. Virtual operators need to form differentiated competitive advantages through innovation, which contains two levels: one is to differentiate with basic telecommunications operators and other virtual operators, and the other is to differentiate with other competitors in the industry.

    The thinking fixed formula and management model of traditional telecommunications industry are difficult to achieve innovation, and it is impossible to produce disruptive changes. Virtual operators have exactly advantages in this regard. The way of thinking is different. For example, developing new types of data business, Internet communication, meeting the business needs of niche market segments, and providing personalized O2O solutions for SMEs, etc., the rapid development of scientific and technological progress, new technologies such as big data and cloud computing are endless, virtual operators These technical means can be used to create a disruptive business. In addition to the innovation of business or products, virtual operators can also carry out flexible marketing experience innovation, sales model innovation, and even business model, and systematically create a long -term core competitiveness of enterprises.

    At the same time, virtual operators also need to use the telecommunications business and other competitors in the industry where the main industry to form a differentiated competitive advantage. Take Carrefour as an example. Since 2006, Carrefour has carried out virtual operator business in Belgium, Italy, Taiwan and other places. Carrefour's stores in various regions and large passenger flows have become the most effective channel for developing telecommunications business. On the one hand, Carrefour can pass through. This channel minimizes the sales and promotion costs of telecommunications business; on the other hand, it can also bind the main retail business with the telecommunications business. If Carrefour mobile users apply for supermarket membership cards at the same time Points can be offset the call for minutes, the amount of telephone bills can be accumulated in the supermarket membership card, and the consumer shopping can be made. Through this cyclic binding, Carrefour firmly grasps consumers in his hands without being lost to Wal -Mart to Wal -Mart Or other supermarkets, this has formed a differentiated advantage with other retailers.

    In short, the future of virtual operators is not to become Gao Fushuai in the telecommunications industry, but to use telecommunications operations to enhance the position of the enterprise itself, become Gao Fushuai in its own industry, and become basic telecommunications Operator's indispensable high -quality partners.

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