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  1. wholesale 925 jewelry The central banks of various countries are currently over issuing currency, and the economic losses caused by the outbreak through the method of printing banknotes are used to print money. Will so many banknotes be printed, will it cause currency depreciation, and then the price increases into inflation? But the actual situation is that the currency superb not necessarily inflation

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  2. wholesale western jewelry and accessories Election from online articles: Our money printing is divided into two parts, one is GDP CPI, that is, endogenous currency demand, and the other is the US dollar. Why is the decade of the ten years of its currency soaring in the past ten years? The main reason is that because of the appreciation of the renminbi, the hot money in the world runs to us. Due to our special foreign exchange and sales system, the US dollar cannot enter the market directly to China. How many dollars have to be printed, coupled with the rhythm of our existing currency growth, the currency is greatly exceeded.

  3. satin jewelry bags wholesale Researcher Yu Shenghai, a researcher at the China Economic Research Center, recently said: China ’s total currency in 1990 was 1.53 trillion yuan, and 85.16 trillion in 2011, 59 times in 21 years. The total US currency increased by 1.99 times year -on -year. The United States stipulates that the amount of currency issuance does not exceed 70%of GDP, but China exceeds 2 times. In 2008, more than 400 trillion yuan. In June this year, it has exceeded 90 trillion yuan. The inflation pressure is difficult to solve. The asset bubble is getting bigger and bigger. If the valve of the currency is not tightened, China’s problem will accumulate more and more.
    The so -called “currency superb issuance”, according to general understanding, means that the total currency is higher than the total amount of GDP. In the past two decades, China’s general currency M2 has expanded from 1.5 trillion in 1990 to the level of 85 trillion at the end of 2011, up 54 times, which has increased from 82%to 180%compared to the GDP scale, which is far higher than that In developed regions such as Europe and the United States, it is also higher than emerging markets such as India and Brazil, as well as Japan and South Korea, which are also mainly based on banks. Monetal supply is bound to bring potential systemic financial risks. Asset bubbles, financial institutions operating risks and capital flow risks must pay great attention. The excess currency supply will lead to an excessive rise in asset prices and form a foam. Once the foam is formed suddenly rupture, it will bring a series of families, investors, financial institutions, enterprises and other aspects of the asset -liability statement. In the 30 years of reform and opening up, large -scale inflation appeared twice, one in 1994, and the other was 1988. Its common feature was the excess of currency issuance, overheating, and agricultural reduction. Therefore, in order to control inflation, we must work together three aspects, including excess currency issuance.

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