travel jewelry boxes wholesale Talk about what pits the operation and maintenance personnel will step on in the cloud computing era

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  1. jewelry store displays wholesale 1. In the era of cloud computing, will the operation and maintenance personnel face the risk of unemployment?

    It no, the cloud platform also needs to have operation and maintenance. Victoria is more important, and the salary is higher. However, for some infrastructure IT operation and maintenance personnel of general non -IT companies, there is a risk of unemployment and need to step up transformation.

    2. In the traditional data center, the equipment is real, and the management is relatively simple, and the virtualization technology "pool" these resources. Once the failure occurs, it needs to be checked and excluded. What do you think of the pain points in operation and maintenance management?

    The resource after the resource is virtual pool. The reliability requirements of management itself are also higher; and how to meet the security audit requirements of customers is also a difficult problem.

    3. For cloud computing, a lot of machines and equipment together have become a major challenge. What monitoring tools can realize the management of resource, and monitor the status of network traffic, CPU utilization, processes, memory and other status?

    Separate levels, platform layers and application layers.

    4. In the use of cloud services, such as Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, etc., the disk will be unstable when it is used for a certain time, it is inexplicable. I have encountered similar experiences? How did it solve at the time?

    The reason is unknown. Guessing that the cloud service manufacturer may have adjusted the background deployment or the overall upgrade and maintenance due to the critical point of the cloud service manufacturer at the time, causing temporary temporary and temporary Sex IO bottleneck.

    This solution is to call or wait. If you have money, you can also choose the hard disk space backup of remote reduction staff and temporarily switch to the backup space to operate.

    5. Considering safety issues, most companies will choose mixed clouds, choose IBM clouds, stable but expensive, which cloud service providers are you more optimistic? Why?

    domestic, it is estimated that Microsoft Cloud and Alibaba Cloud will have better prospects in the future. It is mainly to balance costs and service quality. Microsoft has more software and hardware products, and the cost of using customers is relatively low; Ali's small and medium -sized customers are large.

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