periwinkle barlow jewelry wholesale 2021 Cases that have been sentenced to prison on the crime of casino

periwinkle barlow jewelry wholesale

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  1. custom jewelry makers wholesale Legal analysis: 1. Accepted commission, in late September 2020, Ms. Huang (pseudonym) came to Guangdong Guangqiang Law Firm by a friend, saying that her husband Pan had been detained by the public security organs for more than a month for suspected opening of the casino for the crime of opening a casino for more than a month. I want to ask the lawyer to defend the husband as soon as possible. After being introduced by a friend, the lawyer Huang Jiabo focused on criminal cases of cyber crime, and he came here. After nearly an hour of communication, Lawyer Huang Jiabo had a preliminary understanding of the facts of the case. Based on this, lawyer Huang Jiabo combined with laws and regulations and his own experience in handling cases. As a result, it is the most realistic defense strategy for judgment. Second, to defend, in order to master the details of the case as soon as possible, on the morning of September 28, 2020, Lawyer Huang Jiabo went to a certain city detention center to meet with Pan Mou, learned about the detailed case information from Pan, and psychologically psychologically psychologically made it. Dust guidance conveyed the care and greetings of the family. After returning to the law firm, Lawyer Huang Jiabo and team member He Tianyun sorted out the facts they knew, and wrote a legal opinion of the procuratorial organs that did not approve the arrest overnight. The reason for (36th), the opinion was not adopted by the procuratorate, and Pan was arrested by the procuratorate. After that, the two lawyers moved to a certain detention center and a certain detention center (the middle of Pan Mou in the middle) to follow up the progress of the case in a timely manner. During the review and the prosecution, the two lawyers carefully scored a firm defense strategy. Seeing the undertaking prosecutor many times, we communicated with the undertaking prosecutor on the amount of gambling money in this case. After many communication, the defense opinions were adopted. Subsequently, the two sides negotiated the crimes and punishment and sentencing issues, and finally reached an agreement -signed a confession and confession, and the procuratorial organs issued a proposal for sentencing of probation. Later, Lawyer Huang Jiabo went to the detention center to meet with Pan to conduct in -depth analysis of the facts, evidence and consequences of the case, and explained the laws and regulations related to the crime and punishment in detail. At this point, the case has made great progress. 3. Successful judgment. At the end of January 2021, the case was transferred to the People's Court of a certain district to sue. Lawyer Huang Jiabo and Lawyer He Tianyun contacted the undertaking judge. The retrieval report of the defense words and cases of cases is actively strived for probation for Pan. On March 12, 2021, the People's Court of Xinhui District made a judgment and Pan was a probation judgment.
    Legal basis: Article 303 of the Criminal Law: For the purpose of profit, gathers gambling or gambling as a business, and will be sentenced to imprisonment, detention or control of less than three years, and fined. If a casino is opened, it will be sentenced to imprisonment, detention or control, and a fine; if the circumstances are serious, the case will be sentenced to three years and less than ten years.

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