6 thoughts on “graduation jewelry wholesale What is MLM?”

  1. skosh jewelry wholesale It is a virtual currency investment industry. Not MLM! Similar to Bitcoin.
    is not illegal fundraising, because the company itself does not collect money, only 50 yuan a year management fee! Money is in the hands of users!
    Similar stocks, securities companies only charge the handling fee! ~~

  2. wholesale live to ride jewelry The new network MLM organization, it turned out not to be called this name. If it was banned or scrolled, he escaped, and then continued to scam. Maybe what happened to the one, and the person who cheated lowly and had high educational qualifications often passed WeChat through WeChat, often via WeChat through WeChat. The slogan is drawn, and the slogan is "eight hundred dollars can't do anything". Remind goodwill, don't add a good body to pull the line.

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