5 thoughts on “Dogs always tongue”

  1. Usually, dogs often show their tongue in their lives. When this problem occurs, many owners think that this is a normal manifestation, a physiological characteristic of pet dogs.

    , but sometimes, when there are some bad situations, or when the dog is uncomfortable, at this time, they will also have a serious problem of tongue tongue. Generally, this abnormal situation is the main manifestation of the dog's tongue tongue. This situation must be paid special attention to see if there are abnormalities in the dogs. At the same time, to see if the dog's body There are uncomfortable and so on.

    Dogs are often normal, because their sweat glands are particularly unacceptable, so when they are talking about tongue, they are mainly to reduce their body temperature. Moreover, dogs cannot reduce the entire problem of their bodies through continuous sweating like humans. This method of tongue tongue sticking to the best way to cool down. But if the pet dog keeps talking tongue, you must pay attention at this time. See if the dogs are located too hot, for example, in summer, the dogs have frequently tongue tongue. At this time Try to take the basic heatstroke prevention measures as much as possible. In relatively hot weather, try not to go out with pet dogs.

    At the same time, pay attention to add enough water to the dogs when the weather is hot in summer. If you say that your pet dog is relatively long, you need to pay attention to the proper hair pruning for the dogs to make the dogs feel colder. Secondly, if the dogs tongue tongue when they are sleeping, at this time, it means that the dog is very stable at this time. You don’t need to worry too much as the owner, because when the dogs are sleeping, they like to use it to use it with the same time as sleeping. They breathe their mouths, so they kept talking about tongue.

  2. It is normal for dogs to speak tongue, because the dogs are hot. He would not sweat on his body. He just like the dog that exudes calories by his tongue. This is a little bit hot. He stretched his tongue out so that he could radiate calories.

  3. Occasionally, the tongue tongue is okay. The owner usually observe that the color of the dog's tongue and the frequency of the dog's panting. In the physical examination, the heart was found to be slightly expanded, and the dog food was added with coenzymes and the heart to maintain the heart to maintain the heart.

  4. Hot weather.
    The most common reasons for dogs to keep tongue tongue. The most common reason is heat dissipation. The tongue is the main organ of the dog's heat dissipation. Once the dog feels hot, it will keep tongue out of heat dissipation. This is normal In the case, you can blow the dog to cool down.
    The first summer is hot, the dog's skin does not have a sweat glands, and can only be dissipated through the tongue. The owner can place the dog in a cool place to avoid taking the dog out at the hottest time. After eating too salty food, dogs will always talk about tongue. The owner can give the dog more water. The third dog may also expose the tongue out of sleep. This is normal. Essence

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