arabic calligraphy jewelry wholesale router settings login entrance?

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  1. wholesale jewelry supplies east coast u.s The wireless router needs to be set according to the Internet environment to use. Different Internet environment, different wireless routers. If the optical fiber cat that needs to be dial -up is set to the wireless router, according to the following method: 1. Plug in the wireless router, do not connect the cat first, the computer connects the wireless router at the LAN port; 2. The label behind the router), enter the login user name and password to enter the setting page; 3. Set it according to the PPPOE (ADSL virtual dial -up), enter the Internet account and password, and set automatic connection; 4. Set SSID, encryption methods and passwords; 5. Save and restart; 6. After setting up, connect the network cable that the cat Lan port is connected to the WAN mouth of the wireless router.

  2. wholesale silver initial jewelry Pay content for time limit to check for freenWhen answering in the browser:, you need to pay attention to enter the area of ​​the website at the top of the browser before you can open the login page of the router. Note: is the login address of the router. Different routers, the login address may be different. 2. There are some browsers that may not be compatible with the management page of the router, which makes you unable to open the login entrance. Therefore, it is best to set the router with the Windows system automatic IE browser or Edge browser. 3. IP address is the default gateway to most wireless routers or ADSL modem. The router can use multiple IP main addresses. is the most common address, such as or and other router IP options. These IPs are usually called host addresses.

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